About Kinsey

Core Values

Kinsey Equities is a full service property management firm that provides comprehensive management solutions for most property types. Professional and thorough management maximizes revenue, limits expenses, and reduces liability. We consistently monitor trends in the marketplace and have a deep understanding of the various strategies associated with running a property. In addition, when legislation is passed affecting the complex rent stabilization system and DHCR laws, we are the first to know. Another important role we play is assisting with the assessment of violations and other diligence items that impact ongoing operations, as well as, any plans to sell a property. We are committed to improving the bottom line profitability of every property we manage.

Why Kinsey

Kinsey Equities LLC is a full-service property management company. For years, Kinsey Equities and its employees have worked with building owners and individuals throughout the metropolitan area. We believe in hard work and doing what it takes to run a building at its optimal earning potential. We understand the importance of making and maintaining close relationships with our owners, industry professionals and our tenants.

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